About Our School

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About Our School

Northwest Middle School is a partnership of students, parents, educators and community members, committed to excellence by educating our youth to be life-long learners in a safe, inviting, innovative and academically challenging environment which celebrates diversity, unity with the world, personal best and a vision for a productive and satisfying future.

Celebrations of Northwest

  • We are a culturally, racially, religiously and linguistically diverse school where 29 different languages are spoken representing 31 countries throughout the world.
  • We are the largest of the 5 Middle schools in the Salt Lake City School District serving 800 students in 7th and 8th grades.
  • We are the number one school in the district and among the top schools in the nation for using technology with a grant we received. Every day our students use net books, iPods and iPads which increase their interest and learning in school. We have a Smart board in every classroom and over 600 net books.
  • We are one of only three schools in the district who are implementing the new Common Core Curriculum in all of our math classes. Our students will be better prepared for the new high school math classes.
  • An 8th period of Exploration classes or Academic Enrichment classes provide an opportunity for students to learn new things and to learn in deep ways.
  • Our teachers are committed to learning how to be the best with weekly professional development, support from math and literacy coaches, and support from administrators who will visit classrooms daily.
  • We are part of a federal School Improvement Grant that provides resources to increase student achievement. We are looking carefully at our practices to see how they are helping or hindering our progress. We are thinking about how to do school in new ways to better meet the needs of every student in our school.

Amazing Northwest Warriors!!

There are a number of ways that Northwest Warriors show how amazing they are. We like to honor the hard work of our students. Throughout the year students could be part of the following:

  • Celebration of Northwest
  • The Warrior Club
  • The School Play
  • Kiwanis Terrific Kid Awards
  • Science Fair
  • Lion’s Club Awards
  • Rotary Club Awards
  • No Tardy Awards
  • Department Awards
  • American Indian Honors
  • MESA
  • Attendance Honors
  • Classroom Highlights
  • AVID
  • ELP
  • 8th grade End of Year Activities
  • Lunchtime activities

Partnerships with Parents

Every successful school works with a strong partnership between parents and the school. At Northwest, we strongly believe that we need to work together to create successful school experiences for every student. Frequent communication is important for this to happen. Please understand the expectations regarding parent involvement in your student's education:

  • Please ask your student for all notes, flyers, newsletters and other information the school sends home.
  • Attend Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences and have meaningful conversations about your student's learning.
  • Talk with your student about what s/he is learning and doing in school, who her/his friends are, what her/his goals are and any problems s/he might have.

We will be calling parents to keep them informed about a number of things such as:

  • how amazing your student is doing in school
  • any award your student might receive throughout the year
  • concerns about attendance or sluffing
  • concerns about inappropriate behavior or internet use
  • problems with tardies or repeatedly being in class unprepared

If concerns continue, we sometimes ask the parent/guardian to visit the school and join her/his student in class.


Interpreting and Translation

If you speak or read in a language other than English, we can always find an interpreter to share information about school in the language you speak. We will do our best to translate important informational documents into other languages as needed.

If you need help communicating with the school, please call the front office at (801)578-8547.

Contact Information

If you move or your parent/guardian phone number changes, please bring us your new contact information.

School/Home Compact

Compacts are voluntary agreements between interested stakeholders. This is a compact between the school, students, and parents and is based on the philosophy that families, students and school staff should work in partnership to help students reach their potential.

Home/School Compact


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