Northwest Middle School Teacher Honored as KSL Teacher Feature Winner

Northwest Middle School math resource teacher, Lisa Garland, has been honored as a KSL Teacher Feature winner! KSL News Radio and Zions Bank have been highlighting outstanding teachers throughout the State of Utah since 1994. 


Ms. Garland was nominated for being a dedicated and caring teacher who sincerely loves her students.  Ms. Garland pushes each student to do their best and enthusiastically celebrates their successes. Ms. Garland sees the potential in each of her students andNorthwest Teacher Honored helps them to see the same potential in themselves. Her students have many kind things to say about their teacher!


After raising her family, Ms. Garland attended the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida.  After graduating, Ms. Garland worked for six and a half years in a private middle school before moving to Utah in 2015.  Ms. Garland worked for two years as the special education facilitator and teacher at Provost Elementary School in Provo where she received The Crystal Apple Award and The Provo Way Award for excellence.  As Ms. Garland missed teaching middle school students, she began teaching seventh grade math at Northwest Middle School in the fall of 2017.


KSL News Radio's Jeff Caplan and a representative from Zions Bank surprised Ms. Garland by arriving in her classroom unannounced.  As her excited students looked on, Ms. Garland was told she was a KSL Teacher Feature winner!  Ms. Garland was clearly overwhelmed as the nomination letter was read aloud and as she received congratulatory handshakes and hugs! Ms. Garland is honored with a plaque from Zion’s Bank, an overnight stay at Anniversary Inn, a gift certificate for dinner at the beautiful Roof Restaurant at Temple Square, and a pair of season tickets from Hale Centre Theater.  Ms. Garland will also attend an end-of-the-year banquet for KSL Teacher Feature winners at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building where one lucky teacher will have an opportunity to win a grand prize of a two-year lease on a new car, courtesy of Burt Brothers Tire and Service.


Congratulations, Ms. Garland!  Northwest Middle School students are very fortunate to have you as their teacher! To view the entire gallery, click here.


Click here to see the KSL Teacher Feature website page. 

History Classes Respond to Documentary, 13th

History Students Respond to Documentary Film, 13th

History teachers Lois Harris and Nathan Tanner along with some of their students recently viewed the documentary film, 13th, by director Ava DuVernay. The 2016 documentary explores the "intersection of race, justice and mass incarceration in the United States." 


The film argues that the injustices present today in society and in our criminal justice system are rooted in the language of one clause found in the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution. The Thirteenth Amendment freed the slaves and prohibited slavery; however, it includes the clause “unless as punishment for a crime.” The documentary shows how communities of color are heavily impacted by mass incarceration in the United States. The film, winner of Best Documentary at the Emmys, traces 150 years of racism, incarceration, and disempowerment of minority communities in America at the hands of state and federal government.


Students developed a deeper understanding of the prison industrial system, Civil Rights, and lobbying groups. The students participated in Socratic Seminars and created posters as part of their response to the film. Mr. Tanner posted a collage of those posters on Twitter and received a response from the filmmaker. Students were excited to see DuVernay’s “fist bump” of support at the bottom of the tweet!


To view the entire gallery, click here.

*Students who participated brought signed parent/guardian permission forms.

Budding Student Scientists Compete in Science Fair Competition

In January, seventh grade science teacher Victoria Mauro and eighth grade science teacher Rob Dahl provided guidance to 100 student scientists who competed in the school’s annual Science Fair. 

7th Grade

Ms. Mauro has been teaching science for three years, and it is her first year at Northwest.  Mauro shares, “Science is a great equalizer.  Everyone has DNA. Everyone interacts with physics. Everyone can see the stars. I love getting my students as excited about science as I am!” In helping prepare students for the Science Fair, Mauro provides a timeline and shares Science Fair project examples. Students form small groups and begin by brainstorming topics before choosing a topic with Mauro’s guidance. Students thenStudent Scientists Compete in Science Fair do much of the work on their own.

As all the Science Fair projects explored interesting questions, it was difficult for Mauro to choose only four of the projects to share! One student group investigated how quickly the eyes produce  tears while cutting onions at  various temperatures. Students used frozen onions, refrigerated onions, baked onions, and microwaved onions. Another project explored using soda instead of eggs   and butter for baking vegan cakes. The student scientists wanted to know which soda makes a cake taste the most “normal.” 

Two of the 7th grade projects advanced through the Northwest Middle School Science Fair competition for competing at the District level.  Marnely Rivera, Arely Guarneros, and Alyssa Chaires’ hypothesis claimed slime could be used as a stress reliever improving concentration while taking a math test. Much to the students’ surprise, when the data came in, their slime hypothesis was  proved wrong! Brooklyn Booth and Saheda Be investigated which every day materials would make the best storm drain filter for preventing oil drainage. These student scientists tested  six different materials for speed and clarity of filtered water. This project is going on to the regional Science Fair at the University of Utah in March. We wish Brooklyn and Saheda the best of luck!


8th Grade

Student Scientists Compete in Science Fair

Mr. Dahl has been teaching science for seven years—all at Northwest.  Dahl shares, “I love that science uses interesting and fun ways to solve problems and answer questions while applying skills from math, Language Arts and other disciplines.” Dahl prepares students to participate in Science Fair by using the new SEEd standards.  He stated, “Everything we do in science is centered on phenomena.  As we work through phenomena, students gain expertise on how to solve problems and answer questions.”  According to Dahl, Science Fair provides the opportunity for students to choose their own phenomena, problem, or question to study. 


Eighth grade students investigated many interesting topics this year, but a few projects stood out.  One student group tested which brand of skateboard ball bearings were best while another group focused on how sunscreen affects coral reefs. Another project explored how food reacts in a vacuum. This year, one eighth grade project advanced through both the Northwest Middle School and District Science Fair competitions to the Regional Science Fair competition held at the University of Utah in March.  Shantel Arraiz and Marianne Sanchez’ project explores how stress affects memory.  We wish Shantel and Marriane the best of luck!


Congratulations to all the student scientists who competed!


To view the entire gallery, click here.


Northwest Students of the Month

Northwest Middle School is recognizing the hard work of our students. These students are the Students of the Month because they are hard workers, respectful leaders, and role models throughout our building. Congratulations to these outstanding students!  To view gallery, click here.


October Students of the Month

The October Students of the Month are Christina Le, Eduardo Landa-Urcino, Jesus Herrera, Julie Spotten, Leslie Kioa, Lutuiki Nau, Nazario Soliz, and Yulisa Jimenez.  Congratulations!


November Students of the Month

The November Students of the Month are Adilene Brito, Eh Ku Moo, Fabioloa Dominguez, Kenny Shirley, Sarahi Remirez-Monge, and Siriyamungu Nbadajuniye.  Congratulations!


December Students of the Month

The December Students of the Month are Armando Vasquez, Jerry Valdez,  Kalama Florreich, Julie Paredes, Quay Von Palmer, Fidel  Alarcon, and Warda Mohamed.  Congratulations!


January Student of the Month

The January Student of the Month is Lily Lucero.  Congratulations!

Northwest Student of the Month for January

Northwest Recognizes Outstanding Teachers

Northwest is recognizing teachers who go above and beyond when working with students, supporting school goals, and helping out their colleagues.  December’s Teacher of the Month was Wendy Miller, Language Arts teacher.  January’s Teachers of the Month were Jason Miller, Techniques for Tough Times, and Luke Shroyer, College and  Career Awareness.  Congratulations!  To view the entire gallery, click here.

Wendy Miller, December Teacher of the MonthJason Miller, January Teacher of the MonthLuke Shroyer, January Teacher of the Month

Northwest Students Recognized as Terrific Kids

The Salt Lake Kiwanis Club has partnered with the middle schools in the Salt Lake District to sponsor the Terrific Kid Program.  This program is a student recognition program that promotes character development, self-esteem and perseverance. The acronym for “Terrific” Kid is Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive, Friendly, Inquisitive, and Capable.  For the month of October, students  Yar Yar Cam, David Peck, Lutuiki Nau, and Alejandro Hernandez were honored. For the month of November, students Evelyn Ortiz, Serafina Ah See, Siri Ndabajunjiye, and Jake Davis are being honored. To see pictures of these students along with why they are being honored, please see the Student Recognition page. 

Warrior Club Information!

You too can be part of the Warrior Club fun!  Get a 3.2 GPA (B average) and less than 5 tardies and get prizes, treats and more!!

Warrior Club

Civics Test for 8th Graders

Civics Test

Celebrating the Rich Culture at Northwest


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