Northwest Faculty Rocks!

The Northwest faculty spent all Friday learning together how to be better educators. We practiced pronouncing our students' names correctly. We learned explicit ways to make our classrooms and halls safe spaces for LGBTQ students. We thought carefully about the subtle and overt messages we send students about their academic potential and permission to make mistakes in learning. And we also discussed practices to support students to make better decisions about behavior.  These are some of the most committed, intelligent and passionate teachers in the field. Thank you Northwest teachers for working so hard to prepare for our students!

Back to School Night Success!

Back to School Night was a huge success again! Over 85% of our families joined us to kick off the school year. Community organizations shared information about their services. AVID students assisted families in signing up for weekly emails of grades and attendance. And teachers, families and students began building relationships to have a successful year.

Thanks for being part of this amazing community!

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Thank You Nick

Nick Faudoa has served SLCSD for 20 years. The last 9 have been at Northwest Middle School. Visitors to our building assume it is only a few years old because of how beautiful Nick and his staff keep it. Nick works well with teachers to create classroom environments for learning. He accommodates the many rentals throughout the year when community members hold events here. Nick mentors students who need to provide service to our school through restorative discipline. He keeps a positive attitude while working with the nearly 1000 students, faculty and staff of NWMS.

Thank you Nick!! You're someone we all look up to!!

Northwest Teachers can move!

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