Family Center Meeting Huge Sucess!

Family CenterWe are so grateful to all the families who attended the informational meeting at the NW Family Center on Thursday, 9/5.   After the meeting, many of the families attended this year’s first  School Community Council meeting. Quite a few parents were surprised to learn that their voices are needed to help make Northwest great.  One parent—newly settled here from Venezuela—was  excited to learn she does have a voice in her child’s education.  Another parent commented that now that she knows the power she has as a parent at SCC, she will advocate for her child and voice her opinion.  We hope more families will attend SCC meetings!


Please visit the School Community Council page for more information.


SCC Meeting

2020-2021 Magnet Extended Learning Program Information

The Extended Learning Program supports the mission of Salt Lake City School District (SLCSD) to cultivate a love of learning in a diverse and inclusive school community, committed to educational excellence and integrity. In collaboration with families and community, we hold high expectations for all students. We respond effectively to individual needs, and provide a safe, healthy environment in which every student can learn the academic, problem-solving and social skills required for success in college, career, and life. The district has designed and implemented an Extended Learning Program to meet the cognitive and affective needs of identified gifted students. Through ELP, a continuum of program options provides a beneficial learning environment and curriculum designed to meet the needs of gifted/talented and high ability students.


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Información del programa de aprendizaje avanzado Magnet 2020-2021

El Programa de Aprendizaje Avanzado apoya la misión del Distrito Escolar de Salt Lake City (SLCSD) de cultivar el amor por el aprendizaje en una comunidad escolar diversa e inclusiva, comprometida a la excelencia e integridad educativa. En colaboración con las familias y la comunidad, tenemos altas expectativas para todos los estudiantes. Respondemos de manera efectiva a las necesidades individuales y brindamos un ambiente seguro y saludable en el que cada estudiante puede aprender las habilidades académicas, de resolución de problemas y sociales necesarias para tener éxito en la universidad, la carrera y la vida. El distrito ha diseñado e implementado un Programa de Aprendizaje Avanzado para satisfacer las necesidades cognitivas y afectivas de los estudiantes dotados identificados. A través de ELP, un continuo de opciones de programas proporciona un ambiente de aprendizaje beneficioso y un plan de estudios diseñado para satisfacer las necesidades de los estudiantes dotados / talentosos y de alta capacidad.


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Digital Parenting Class

On Monday, September 16 at 7 pm, the Day-Riverside Public Library will be hosting a class for parents.  Parents will learn how to become a better informed digital parent in this FREE interactive class.  You’ll learn about the 3Ms of digital parenting:  Model, Manage, and Monitor.  Parents will learn how to parent with technology across all ages.  Learn parental controls, ways to better communicate around tech, and how to set up a family media plan.  Parents, children and your tech questions welcome!  Presented by Carrie Rogers-Whitehead, CEO, Digital Respons-Ability.

After-School Program

After-School ProgramExciting things are happening after school!  The Northwest Community After-School Program begins September 3.


The Northwest Community After-School Program offers a fun and safe learning environment where students can create new friendships while exploring different academic and recreational interests. Community Education group leaders provide academic assistance to students during homework hall. Students will have opportunities to participate in various enrichment classes such as Kids Court, cooking, and field trips.


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Social-Emotional Learning Comes to Northwest

This year at Northwest Middle, we will help our students develop a sense of safety, respect, and well-being by focusing on social-emotional health.  One way we’ll do this is by teaching weekly Second Step lessons.  Second Step is a program designed for middle school students to help them manage stress and develop empathy.  Each Friday our teachers will share a new lesson with their students on topics such as bullying, managing conflict, helping others, staying calm, and many other important issues in middle school.  Families are encouraged to follow up with questions and ask their students to share what they learned each Friday. 

For more information, click on the following links:

AVID Students Organize and Distribute Binders

AVID students spent the first week of school preparing binders for school-wide distribution. Students worked hard getting the binders organized with dividers, pencil pouches, and pencils.  Northwest students are expected to carry their binders daily keeping their AVID Students Organize and Distribute Bindersassignments organized in the class sections.  Also included is a planner for students to use for writing down assignment due dates and for organizing their time.  Great job AVID!

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School Attendance Matters!

School attendance is an important key to student sSchool Attendance is an Important Key to Student Success.  uccess.  Click here to read an important District message regarding student attendance at school.

School Attendance Matters!

VIDEO: Engaging Parents in Preventing Chronic Absence: English

VIDEO: Involucrando a los p adres en la prevencion de la ausencia cronica: Spanish

Northwest Family Center

Come one and all and see the amazing Family Center here at Northwest! We recently celebrated the grand opening and we are excited to offer this to our amazing community. If you or your family would like to come and see what we have to offer, please reach out to the school and we will be happy to make arrangements for you to use the resources that are housed in the family center.

Northwest Receives Ron McBride Foundation Donation

Let’s celebrate!  In September, Northwest Middle School was awarded a $15,000 donation from the Ron McBride Foundation to support the school’s Healthy Learners Initiative.  This donation was the result of the efforts of the Salt Lake Education Foundation and Northwest Receives Ron McBride Foundation DonationNorthwest Middle School.


The goal of the Healthy Learners Initiative is to increase student access to opportunities for engaging in activities associated with being a healthy learner. Students will be encouraged to exhibit positive characteristics in the following areas:


  • Mind:  academic development, positive mental health

  • Body:  physical activity, nutritious food

  • Social Interactions:  friendship, meaningful connections with others


For the 2019 to 2020 school year, the following opportunities are being introduced:


  • Academic Game Plan

  • Student Government

  • Additional sections of Techniques for Tough Times

  • Additional sections of Music Connections, Choir, and Theater


The school already offers several other programs to support healthy learners.


  • Intramural sports (soccer, basketball, and volleyball)

  • Hartland Soccer partnership

  • Debate 

  • Mock Trial

  • Voices

  • AVID

  • Afterschool activities

  • Celebration of Dance

  • Cheerleading

  • Utah Food Bank food pantry


Student participation in the Healthy Learners Initiative will be monitored. This system will track students’ participation in activities, their GPA, connections with adults, and attendance.  If a student falls into unhealthy patterns, an intervention will be provided.  The administrative and counseling team will determine which specific interventions are needed to meet the individualized needs of the student.

Warrior Club Information!

You too can be part of the Warrior Club fun!  Get a 3.2 GPA (B average) and less than 5 tardies and get prizes, treats and more!!

Warrior Club

Civics Test for 8th Graders

Civics Test for 8th Graders

Celebrating the Rich Culture at Northwest


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