MESA Students Visit SLCC's Biotechnology Lab

MESA Students

On November 6, MESA students toured the biotechnology lab at Salt Lake Community College in West Jordan.  Students performed a bacterial transformation involving:


  • Introducing a foreign DNA into competent cells

  • Plating bacteria on culture media

  • Getting cells to express the foreign gene to produce a green florescent protein


Students learned the science behind the bacterial transformation and will make observations two days later during MESA.  Students will also learn about biotechnology careers.

Northwest Receives Ron McBride Foundation Donation

Let’s celebrate!  In October, Northwest Middle School was awarded a $15,000 donation from the Ron McBride Foundation to support the school’s Healthy Learners Initiative.  This donation was the result of the efforts of the Salt Lake Education Foundation and Northwest Receives Ron McBride Foundation DonationNorthwest Middle School.


The goal of the Healthy Learners Initiative is to increase student access to opportunities for engaging in activities associated with being a healthy learner. Students will be encouraged to exhibit positive characteristics in the following areas:


  • Mind:  academic development, positive mental health

  • Body:  physical activity, nutritious food

  • Social Interactions:  friendship, meaningful connections with others


For the 2018 to 2019 school year, the following opportunities are being introduced:


  • Academic Game Plan

  • Additional sections of Latinos in Action

  • Student Government

  • Additional sections of Techniques for Tough Times

  • Additional sections of Music Connections and Choir


The school already offers several other programs to support healthy learners.


  • Intramural sports (soccer, basketball, and volleyball)

  • Hartland Soccer partnership

  • Debate 

  • Mock Trial

  • Voices

  • AVID

  • Afterschool activities

  • Celebration of Dance

  • Cheerleading

  • Utah Food Bank food pantry


Student participation in the Healthy Learners Initiative will be monitored. This system will track students’ participation in activities, their GPA, connections with adults, and attendance.  If a student falls into unhealthy patterns, an intervention will be provided.  The administrative and counseling team will determine which specific interventions are needed to meet the individualized needs of the student.

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October  2018

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Salt Lake City School District's Extended Learning Program (ELP)

Salt Lake City School District’s Extended Learning Program (ELP)
Middle School Assessment Information


The Salt Lake City School District Extended Learning Program (ELP) provides specialized educational services for identified gifted and high ability 7th and 8th grade middle school students. ELP services are available at all district middle schools with more extensive services provided through ELP Magnet Programs at Clayton, Hillside, and Glendale Middle Schools, and West High School.


Several parent information meetings are available to inform parents about the elementary and middle school Magnet Extended Learning Program (ELP) application and assessment process for the 2019-2020 school year. 


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Programa de Aprendizaje Avanzado del Distrito Escolar de Salt Lake City (ELP)
Información sobre las Evaluaciones en las Escuelas Intermedias


El Programa de Aprendizaje Avanzado ofrece servicios académicos a los estudiantes identificados como dotados y de alta habilidad que son eligibles por servicios a través de un proceso de evaluaciones.


Varias reuniones de información para los padres se presentarán para informarles acerca del proceso de solicitud y evaluacion del Magnet Programa de Aprendizaje Avanzado (ELP) de la primaria y de las escuelas intermedias para el año escolar 2019-2020. 


For more information, please click here for SPANISH.


After School Program

Exciting things are happening after school!  Sign up for the After School Program by registering at Northwest or online at


Below are some of the classes offered:

  • Theater

  • Intermural sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball)

  • Mock Trial

  • Cheerleading

Classes begin immediately after school.

  • Monday through Thursday, the bus leaves at 6:10.

  • On Fridays, the bus leaves at 4:10.


After School Program

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Students Create Mural Representing the Northwest Community

Around 100 students came together to create Northwest's first mural guided by a mural artist Mr. Galaz. Northwest Mural

This was a combination of Techniques for Tough Times, Latinos in Action and Go Girlz along with an after-school group. 


Artist Statement


Rose Park is our home. This is where we grew and continue to grow strong.


Inspired by Tupac's poem "The Rose that Grew from Concrete," the Northwest mural represents our community. The rose (in the shape of a heart to represent love) is growing from concrete (made up of signs, symbols, images and words that represent the student body). The rose growing from concrete represents our strength and that of the Rose Park community. At the top, students are holding the peace chain (symbolizing unity) up to the cosmos representing the limitless potential we all have. The designs throughout the mural represent the beautiful cultures and the diversity of our student body to show that everyone has a place here at Northwest.


Although the mural is its own masterpiece, the process is what brought it all together—brought us all together. We learned to work together and bring different ideas together. We had to accept the changes through the process along with accepting the finished piece. When we look at our mural, we see our community; we feel a sense of community; we feel a part of our community—Rose Park.


Warrior Club Information!

You too can be part of the Warrior Club fun!  Get a 3.2 GPA (B average) and less than 5 tardies and get prizes, treats and more!!

Warrior Club

Civics Test for 8th Graders

Civics Test

Celebrating the Rich Culture at Northwest


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