Student Recognition

Northwest Students of the Month

Northwest Middle School is recognizing the hard work of our students. These students are the Students of the Month because they are hard workers, respectful leaders, and role models throughout our building. Congratulations to these outstanding students! To view gallery, click here.


October Students of the Month

The October Students of the Month are Christina Le, Eduardo Landa-Urcino, Jesus Herrera, Julie Spotten, Leslie Kioa, Lutuiki Nau, Nazario Soliz, and Yulisa Jimenez.  Congratulations!


November Students of the Month

The November Students of the Month are Adilene Brito, Eh Ku Moo, Fabioloa Dominguez, Kenny Shirley, Sarahi Remirez-Monge, and Siriyamungu Nbadajuniye.  Congratulations!


December Students of the Month

The December Students of the Month are Armando Vasquez, Jerry Valdez,  Kalama Florreich, Julie Paredes, Quay Von Palmer, Fidel  Alarcon, and Warda Mohamed.  Congratulations!


January Student of the Month

The January Student of the Month is Lily Lucero.  Congratulations!


March Students of the Month

The March Students of the Month are Alexis Bernabe, Laura Urcino, Isaiah Garza, and Emma Do.  Congratulations!


Terrific Kids

The Salt Lake Kiwanis Club has partnered with the middle schools in the Salt Lake District to sponsor the Terrific Kid Program.  This program is a student recognition program that promotes character development, self-esteem and perseverance.  The acronym for Terrific Kid is:

          Thoughtful – Considering the feelings or needs of others

          Enthusiastic – Demonstrating feelings of excitement and interest

          Respectful – Considerate, polite, and courteous

          Responsible – Dependable and can be trusted

          Inclusive – Everyone is welcome

          Friendly – Kind and helpful

          Inquisitive – Questioning and curious – eager to learn

          Capable – Able to do a task or a job

October Terrific Kids


                  Yar Yar Cam

Yar Yar Cam

Yar was nominated by Mr. Miller for the respect he shows to his teachers and the friendships he has with peers. Yar always has a smile on his face and is engaged during class. Yar participates during class asking great questions and offering insightful comments while learning about various topics. He is always kind and has a great sense of humor!  Yar is one of Mr. Miller’s heroes!


      Alejandro Hernandez

Alejandro Hernandez

Ms. Harris nominated Alejandro because of how hard he works on a daily basis.  Alejandro even stays after school to get extra help in writing.  Alejandro willingly helps other students during class.  He takes school seriously and will be a terrific high school student!


                       Lutuiki Nau

Lutuiki Nau

Lutuiki Nau was nominated by Ms. Seminario because of his helpfulness and how mindful he is of those around him.  Often, Lutu finished assignments early and is quite proactive in helping others complete their tasks. Lutu comes to class with a bright smile and an inquisitive mind.  He is engaged and asks higher-order questions, and is respectful when others do not understand.  Ms. Seminario is really grateful to have Lutu in her language arts class.


                     David Peck

David Peck

Ms. Bacca nominated David because of his inclusiveness and his enthusiasm.  David is upbeat, positive, and focused when he comes into her classroom. He is inclusive of all students and willingly works with anyone he is paired with. David is courteous and inquisitive. David deserves this award because he is a great reminder to us all of what it means to be terrific!


November Terrific Kids

              Serafina Ah See

Serafina Ah See

Ms.Schliefman nominated Serafina because of her eagerness to participation and never hesitates to help her peers and teachers. Serafina is a role model in all her classes. Serafina is an office aide and is punctual and responsible. She is kind and considerate in her everyday interactions and makes every effort to be inclusive, both inside the classroom and outside of school.


                   Jake Davis

Terrific Kids

Jake Davis was nominated by Ms. Miller because of how hard working and responsible he is.  Jake participates in several after-school programs and still finds time to seek help to get his grades up or for completing homework. Jake is thoughtful and reaches out to students in need of a friend.  His kindness is felt by all his classmates. Jake often helps the whole class by retrieving materials without being asked and offering help to others who need it.  Jake is a capable class leader and will do amazing things in the future!


                   Siri Ndabajunjiye

Siri Ndabajunjiye

Ms. Dasanjh nominated Siri because he comes to class daily with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. Siri is always polite, respectful, and hardworking. Siri is friendly to all his peers. He willingly helps others and advocates for himself when he needs help understanding math content. Siri is an English Language Development student but never uses that as an excuse not to do something in class.  In fact, he works harder than most other students. Ms. Dasanjh is so very proud of him!


                Evelyn Ortiz

Evelyn Ortiz

Evelyn Ortiz was nominated by Ms. Littlefield because of her helpfulness to the students around her as well as to teachers.  Evelyn is smart and shows great leadership.  She makes good choices and doesn’t follow other students.  Ms. Littlefield appreciates Evelyn’s hard work as her classroom aide.



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