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Mr. Hetzel was born in Chicago, but then moved to Greece and then Switzerland for four years in each country. After moving back to the United States of America in the middle of 2nd grade he then completed most of his schooling in Illinois. He graduated college from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Education. His major was Science and his minor was Art with a focus on Middle School Education. He taught Art in a school south of Chicago for two years before moving to Salt Lake City and teaching at Northwest Middle School.

Northwest Middle School has been his teaching home since 2001. Since Mr. Hetzel has taught here, he has mostly been focused on teaching Art. He started the Multi-Cultural Arts class at Northwest and is very proud of how diverse Northwest is. He has even referred to it feeling like an International School with so many cultures represented. Mr. Hetzel has also taught and truly appreciates Science. But his passion is Art. When you take his classes, you will experience how Art and Science are very much inter-related. He recently completed his Masters in Education from Lesley University, which is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The focus of this program was Integrating the Arts into all subjects of education, recognizing the importance of Art in our human life-experiences.

Mr. Hetzel is happily married and he and his wife, Aimee, have a five year old daughter named Wrayla. The Hetzels also have a dog named Royal and a cat named Simba. They love to camp, hike, mountain bike, snowboard, and surf:) This year will be very exciting in many ways, Mr. Hetzel will be teaching all Ceramics classes, focusing on 3-dimensional Art. He is always excited to see the positive that Northwest students create!

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