Aimee Tatton

About Me

I love Northwest Middle School, and am so happy to have the opportunity to teach such an amazing community of students.  It is my goal that students are given every opportunity to be successful in school by creating a safe and enriching learning environment.  Teaching is the perfect career for me because school has always been one of my favorite places.  I learn and grow as a person each and every day.   I am fascinated with people and the natural world around us.  Whenever possible I spend time out of doors traveling, observing, hiking, camping, rafting, floating, paddling and backpacking with my wonderful husband, Wade, and the rest of our family and friends.  These experiences of exploration and travel allow me to nurture my love of people and understand the connections we all have to one another even though we may live in a very different place or in a different way.  

Disclosure Documents

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AVID 1st Year English / Spanish
AVID 2nd Year English / Spanish
Tech Crew English / Spanish

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