Student Government

Eighth Grade Student Government8th Grade Student Government


Mission Statement

The 8th ​grade Student Government is a group of student leaders that serve students, teachers, our school, and our community by providing a voice for others. We promise to achieve this goal by persisting in our efforts to listen, critique and brainstorm in order to change our future through kindness, determination and organization.


Chase Nye, SGA Teacher







Chase Nye

8th grade SGA Teacher



Seventh Grade Student Government

Mission Statement

The 7th grade Student Government Association (SGA) at Northwest Middle School is a group of students and teachers whose mission is to improve our school to the best of our abilities. We take responsibility to create positive change in order to make our community better. SGA will create a genuine academic experience for everyone in our community. We will listen to community issues and create solutions through teamwork and leadership.


Teamwork Building Activity

Prior to the start of second semester, seventh grade students  ran for specific offices or applied to be part of the student government team.  The students are excited about their new roles and responsibilities as leaders in our school community.


These new SGA members are building teamwork skills through an exciting Lego challenge!  Check out the  photo gallery below!


7th grade SGA Teacher     





Karli LaMar

7th grade SGA Teacher



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