Latinos In Action

Northwest Middle School Offers Latinos in Action Class

        This year is Northwest Middle School’s second year of offering Latinos in Action (LIA) as an elective class.  The program has been expanded to six periods with 150 Latinx students participating and is being leg by educator Linda Lujan. The purpose of LIA is for Latino youth to increase academic excellence, to build leadership skills, and to serve in their communities. The rigorous curriculum prepares students for college and career and builds community and cultural pride.

        There are three components of the LIA program: service, academics, and planning social events.  Students choose which committee they want to provide leadership for but participate in all activities.  Students learn how to write formal emails and how to plan and prepare for different events.

        Over 100 Utah schools offer Latinos in Action classes, which serve approximately 3,100 students annually. For more information, click here.


Latinos in Action Students View La Misma Luna

       In September, Latinos in Action students had the opportunity to see La Misma Luna. La Misma Luna (The Same Moon) gives the parallel stories of nine-year-old Carlitos and his mother, Rosario.  In the hopes of providing a better life for her son, Rosario works illegally in the U.S. while her mother cares for Carlitos back in Mexico. Unexpected circumstances drive both Rosario and Carlitos to embark on their own journeys in a desperate attempt to reunite. Along the way, mother and son face challenges and obstacles but never lose hope that they will one day be together again.  This film is a heartwarming family story that also offers subtle commentary on the much-debated issue of illegal immigration. (Source: Utah Museum of Fine Arts)

       After viewing the film, the screenwriter and producer Ligiah Villalobos was present  to answer student questions.


Northwest Participates in Red Ribbon Week

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