Language Arts

Language Arts Students Take Virtual Journey to SyriaLanguage Arts Students Take Virtual Journey to Syria

In Ms. Bacca’s class, language arts students  participated in a Virtual Reality presentation titled Clouds over Sidra, which took students on a virtual journey through the life and thoughts of a young Syrian girl named Sidra who lives with her family in a Refugee Camp. The use of VR headsets allowed the students to  teleport to Syria to experience everyday life through Sidra's eyes. It was an unforgettable experience!








Language Arts Students Create Sugar Skulls   Language Arts Students Make Sugar Skulls and Write Stories

   Language Arts teacher Andrea Seminario and her students explored the differences      and similarities between Halloween and Dia de los Muertos by writing compare and        contrast essays. Ms. Seminario helped the students create Sugar Skulls out of sugar,    meringue powder, and water.  Students were required to think of a theme and then       creatively decorated their skulls and wrote short stories about them.  This activity       allowed students to review text structures as well.  Students’ projects were judged on      creativity.  





Students Practice Public Speaking While Learning New Vocabulary  Students Practice Public Speaking

   In Ms. Rowberry’s Language Arts classes, students have been practicing vocabulary and using introductory phrases.  Although public speaking can be unnerving, these students did not miss a beat!  Students had fun introducing themselves and their family as they practiced their new vocabulary words!








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