Northwest Middle School math resource teacher, Lisa Garland, has been honored as a KSL Teacher Feature winner!


KSL News Radio and Zions Bank have been highlighting outstanding teachers throughout the State of Utah since 1994.Ms. Garland was nominated for being a dedicated and caring teacher who sincerely loves her students.  Ms. Garland pushes each student to do their best and enthusiastically celebrates their successes. Ms. Garland sees the potential in each of her students and helps them to see the same potential in themselves. Her students have many kind things to say about their teacher!

Math Teacher Honored as KSL Teacher Feature Winner


After raising her family, Ms. Garland attended the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida.  After graduating, Ms. Garland worked for six and a half years in a private middle school before moving to Utah in 2015.  Ms. Garland worked for two years as the special education facilitator and teacher at Provost Elementary School in Provo where she received The Crystal Apple Award and The Provo Way Award for excellence.  As Ms. Garland missed teaching middle school students, she began teaching seventh grade math at Northwest Middle School in the fall of 2017.


KSL News Radio's Jeff Caplan and a representative from Zions Bank surprised Ms. Garland by arriving in her classroom unannounced.  As her excited students looked on, Ms. Garland was told she was a KSL Teacher Feature winner!  Ms. Garland was clearly overwhelmed as the nomination letter was read aloud and as she received congratulatory handshakes and hugs! Ms. Garland is honored with a plaque from Zion’s Bank, an overnight stay at Anniversary Inn, a gift certificate for dinner at the beautiful Roof Restaurant at Temple Square, and a pair of season tickets from Hale Centre Theater.  Ms. Garland will also attend an end-of-the-year banquet for KSL Teacher Feature winners at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building where one lucky teacher will have an opportunity to win a grand prize of a two-year lease on a new car, courtesy of Burt Brothers Tire and Service.


Congratulations, Ms. Garland!  Northwest Middle School students are very fortunate to have you as their teacher! To view the entire gallery, click here.


Click here to see the KSL Teacher Feature website page. 


Eighth Grade Math Classes Participate in Friendly Competition

Teachers Jag Dasanjh, Lauren Haupt, Soo Francis, and Becky de Freitas took their classes to the auditorium for a friendly math competition.  Students have been learning a variety of difficult mathematical equations and concepts.  The competition allowed students to review what they have been learning while competing against their peers. Teachers would randomly select a student’s name who then had to answer the math problem.  If the student answered correctly, the class received a point. The game became quite competitive as classes developed strategies to win. Students had a lot of fun as did their instructors!

Eighth Grade Math Classes Participate in Friendly Competition



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